from stealing weblog content!

Posting suggestion

In case the content of your weblog appears on’s website, you might consider placing a post on your weblog containing the following text.

Don’t forget to change the web address, or URL ‘‘ into your own!

Dear reader,

Please look carefully at the web address in the URL field of your browser. It should read ‘‘. In case you see a web address containing the word ‘bitacle’ or ‘’, you’re not looking at the original page on which this text was posted. If this is the case, the text you are reading right now might be incorrect or out of date. After I place a post on my weblog, I always try to keep published information up to date, or incorporate additional information, which I receive from readers. You will never find this information on copies the content of weblogs without permission of the author, the holder of copyrights or the licensee. By visiting, you create income for the people who run, at the expense of me and other owners of a weblog, without permission and often without respecting copyrights and/or terms of use as in a license. So please, next time you want to view my posts, do so by using the web address of my weblog, which is ‘‘. Please make a bookmark of my weblog’s address, if you would like to visit it again.

Thank you!

P.S. In this particular case, the word ‘bitacle’ is part of the web address ‘stopbitacleorg’ and this might be the only exception on the rule! 😉

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More Stop buttons available

More Stop buttons were made available on request. Please find them below.

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