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28 September 2006 - Posted by | Interesting links


  1. Hi, I’m thinking that a blog (WordPress) may be suitable for publishing what I want but I’m still not sure. Anyway, I wouldn’t want my content to be “ripped off” but don’t see what it is that bitacle is doing that’s the problem. It looks to me like any other “search engine” I clicked on a couple of links and was taken to the relevant site. No problems it would seem. I searched from a NY times article and kept getting redirected, I searched for Lorelle’s site and was redirected to hers. I checked the address bar and the site addresses seemed perfectly genuine. Can you explain what the problem is? I am obviously missing something, but bitacle just looks like and acts like a search engine as far as I can see.

    Comment by Robin | 30 September 2006 | Reply

  2. Robin, I don’t know which pages you found, but I found a few hundred pages on bitacle, with the complete content of my posts on them, together with Google’s Ads. They ripped all text and images from my weblog and put commercial messages between them. This happened to many other’s weblog content too.

    Comment by stopbitacleorg | 30 September 2006 | Reply

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