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Now It’s Personal

I intended posting on my blog about this issue yesterday anyway, but something rather serendipitous occurred to make my post even sweeter. I love a touch of irony in the mornings…

On my previous blog post I received a little comment from a lovely visitor called Anonymous – in Spanish:

Pero que puta eres, y tu hijo es un hijo de puta bastardo de mala madre.

The lovely Lioness happened to be online when I received this in my inbox this morning and reluctanctly translated it for me:

“What a whore you are and your son is a son of a whore, son of a bad mother.”

Charming, innit?

It took about 10 seconds for the penny to drop. Silly me for sticking my head up at Bitacle the previous day.

Really guys, if your going to centre your entire website around stealing other people’s content, allow people to leave comments and then spam me with hateful abuse the day after I dare to point out ON MY STOLEN BLOG that I dont really appreciate the fact that YOU HAVE STOLEN MY ENTIRE BLOG, then have then sense to cover your tracks when you visit my actual blog. If you have the technology to block my IP address surely you must realise I have the technology to trace who was online at the time the comment was left. Bitacle, you scum-sucking bastards, you may have blocked my IP address so I can no longer access your website from home, but you cant block every IP in the world.

It seems they may have also disabled the comments feature now so people cant leave comments on their website thinking it is the actual blog. Since I cant access the website I had someone else do it for me. No comments feature anymore…gee wonder why???

The most disturbing thing about this whole Bitacle debacle is not the mere displaying of copyright material. It is that we cannot now protect our privacy. Feedburner, Technorati, etc, they can’t provide you with a page that no longer exists. Bitacle keeps your information. Keeps it. If you delete your blog and your photos having decided that your privacy has been compomised…too bad. Your blog may no longer exist but every word you ever wrote and every image you ever uploaded is right there on their server for anyone to search.

Next time they want to abuse me for asserting my legal rights I hope they get their facts right: I never charge for sex.

9 November 2006 - Posted by | Abuse by


  1. I have to say that I am a bit hurt by this. I get their Adsense account shut down, I contact their hosts and generally harass the heck out of them and what do I get? I don’t even get to be called a bastard, an SOB or anything. I’m not even blocked!

    Sure, you deserve the best insults for running this site, but can’t I get a little something Bitacle? Aren’t I at least an ass? Can’t I get some of these cool Spanish-language insults? I feel left out.

    I’m kidding of course. But it really is telling that Bitacle would do something like this. It says a lot about their personality and their capability in defending their position. If they had a legitimate argument, I’m sure we would have heard it by now.

    More than that, I think it’s a sign of frustration though. Bitacle has been without any financial backing for a long time, they host their own servers and their own connection, both at great costs. Their site has not been taken up like they had hoped (who would want to use it), the backlash is never-ending and now the site runs incredibly slow.

    They’re frustrated because they are losing. Slowly, but surely, they are losing. We might not be able to simply DMCA them off the face of the earth, but they are bleeding to death.

    Of course, that was probably the case BEFORE they lost their Adsense account (low usage and an expensive setup do not make a happy couple), but I’m sure that losing their ad revenue didn’t help things.

    Eventually, Bitacle will blip off the face of the earth, though it might take some time. I think this might be one of the early warning signs of that.

    After all, they’ve been so quiet for so long, why reemerge now? I think the answer is obvious, you’re getting to them.

    Comment by Jonathan Bailey | 10 November 2006 | Reply

  2. I went to, and searched my blog. THey had links to 4 of my posts. I don’t really get how they are copying it, ect.

    Comment by Peanut | 11 November 2006 | Reply

  3. So you can provide proof that this comment was left by someone associated with Bitacle? Can you share?

    Comment by Outlaw | 12 November 2006 | Reply

  4. Jonathan: Will it help if I call you an ass? Usted es un asno y su sitio es el sitio de un asno!

    Peanut: If you go to Bitacle and search for your blog in Aggregates it will bring up a list of links to your posts. Unlike other feed readers, where these links take you directly to your blog, these links take you to the copies of your posts on Bitacle’s server. Not only that, but Bitacle has a comment feature at the bottom of these posts. No need for anyone to go to your blog, and in fact some people may think that this IS your blog. In addition, on their main page is a Flikr box, with an image in it. Click on this. It takes you to a copy of an image uploaded to Flikr on Bitacle’s server. Stolen. Attribution to author or not, if you did not seek and gain permission to place text or images belonging to someone else of your website it is copyright violation. Very simply speaking, its like me taking the feed of blogs I receive through Bloglines and publishing the whole lot on my own website, with my own (different) copyright licence.

    Outlaw: Yes, I can provide proof. No, I wont publish this information.

    Comment by Sparklepanda | 15 November 2006 | Reply

  5. that’s seriously messed up, what Anonymous said.

    on today, i found re-publications of my livejournal entries–entries that i would have preferred to remain private.

    they had been on “private” mode for months now, and hoping to thwart the re-publication at its root, i went so far as to delete my entries; but like you said, it’s no use.

    the re-publication of my entries is a serious violation of my privacy, and i hope is shut down soon.

    Comment by nino | 19 March 2007 | Reply

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